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10 Reasons Why You Should Blog On A Daily Basis

Writing is the inescapable part of our lives. It is an effective means of communicating .It gives words to our feelings weather we are talking to someone else to ourselves. I find writing as a route through I can connect to my inner world and simply draw my hidden feelings on the canvas of the paper. A part from being an important part of my life I also find some benefits behind writing which always inspires me to get more involved in writing. Some of these are here as below:

1. Simply putting down all the feelings on a piece of paper clears up all the anger frustrations and the things bothering my mind and soul. In this sense it is a form of therapy also. It makes me free of the burden of the matters and the things which is making me difficult to shoulder them now .In this way it also saves the relations from the poison of bitterness.

2. It helps to bring life into order. Jotting down plans and actions into a prescribed format is necessary for giving them a concrete shape. More often things simply sweep out of mind. Therefore writing comes to rescue from unmanageable situations and to enable to have a weekly review of the situation.

3. Writing to me is a way I can always keep up my writing skills. Having a good store of words is essential in the modern life to leave an impression of your thoughts on the other people and so writing keeps you flooded with better ideas and thoughts. Without writing I find myself freezed up. Writing thus sharpens the writing and expressing skills and enables me to communicate more clearly and precisely.

4. It is also a easy way to get money into your pocket. Even if you are not a professional writer simply putting down your daily experiences on the paper and getting them published can make you get easy money.

5. Writing is a resort for me to keep away from the non-sensical noise of the daily life and to put in efforts into something worthwhile which is helpful in making my identity among the crowd of people. Our lives are messed up with never ending stock of useless materials be it be spammed emails or small message services and the like .So instead its better to nourish  yourself with rich material and let it be known to others also through writing.

6. Writing polishes the communication skills. It develops the art of playing with the words in a better way and enhances he self-expression skills also. It does wonders in saying anything without hesitation and makes you cleaver also.

7. Writing makes me aware of a better me. Sometime we ourselves are ignorant what are our targets and dreams and how to crack through them. Daily taking out some time for writing puts light on the ignored aspect of ourselves and leads to an ideal life.

8. It gives a better approach to deal with the problems .Writing down the problems on a piece of paper so that one can look at the problem from a different point of view in a logical, creative and innovative way rather than getting panic from the situation.

9. It enables to connect with the real world to take sigh of relief from the world which is becoming more and more technology based.

10.Writing gives me an opportunity to make self analyses of my life, my actions, my motives and more importantly my thoughts. In a materialistic word of today in a race to be the best many times we stifle the real self. Writing helps in this case to reintroduce ourselves to the real self. Unobstructed flow of ideas thus helps in monitoring the actions and motives behind those actions.