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How To Reinstate Your Google AdSense Account When You’ve Clicked Your Own Ads

You think its impossible to reinstate your Google AdSense account if it’s disabled for invalid clicks generated from your computer? I would say Yes, it is possible. Recently I came across a forum post where a user revealed about how he reinstated his Google AdSense account when it was disabled for invalid clicks.

After his account got banned he emailed the Google AdSense team that it was not done by him but they didn’t listen to him. He tried to open another AdSense account and was banned again due to a duplicate account.

He decided not to use AdSense on his website(s) and he concentrated on building traffic. Once he reached 10,000 hits a day he shot another email to AdSense which explained everything he did in the past. He confessed that he clicked his own ads and opened a duplicate account when they banned him. He even included a full stats of his website(s).

After two weeks he received a reply from them and was told that they were looking into his application for reinstatement of his AdSense account with the additional details he had supplied them. And at last after a month or so he got a response from Google that they have reinstated his AdSense account.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve actually violated their program policies or not. Just be honest and admit what you have actually done. If you are a Google AdSense publisher then make sure that your account is safe by following these simple guidelines provided by Google.